Chicago Healing Center

Where healing begins with being heard

Dr. Smith in lab coat with computer.

Chicago Healing Center was founded on the conviction that a healer’s first and most important job is to listen.

I am deeply interested to hear how you got to this place in your health journey and where you would like to go from here.

After we identify your priorities, together we can customize a collaborative plan to help you achieve your healthcare goals, using the many different kinds of tools in my healthcare toolbox.

This is not a one-size-fits-all kind of medicine.

This is medicine tailored to YOU!

Other patients are saying…

“Incredibly intuitive, I’ve never loved a doctor so much! I always felt comfortable and she really cares about her patients.”

“Meeting Dr Smith was the beginning of hope for me and rebuilding my health. With her keen and thorough knowledge, remarkable insight, marvelously well honed skills, and true healing kindness, within a few weeks I began to feel my body revive.”

“Dr. Smith is kind, caring and goes out of her way to make you comfortable. She gets to the bottom of what is ailing you and just makes you feel better. Her bedside manner is very calm and puts you right at ease.”

“I truly believe someday all healing practices will mirror her approach and that of the Chicago Healing Center. I am ever so grateful … and happy!”

“Dr. Smith is a true medicine woman. She encompasses everything I value in a physician: compassionate, intuitive, highly trained and skilled, and most importantly, an excellent listener. Her background in both Eastern and Western medicine creates a powerhouse of information that she draws on with tremendous effectiveness. Her practice comes from the heart, she does this because she truly cares and desires to help others feel their best.”

“Dr. Smith provides the most wholistic, personalized  care I have ever experienced. I have been in the healthcare field for over 20 years and her knowledge and expertise in eastern and western medicine is comprehensive and extremely beneficial to patients. She is very thorough, thoughtful, and kind.”

What’s with the name change from “Leslie” to “Sina”?

My first and middle names are the first names of my parents. When I turned 50, I wanted to claim a name of my own. Historically, I have gone by my middle name and wanted to eliminate that confusion: in the medical profession, it’s been an ongoing problem. For similar reasons, changing my name entirely as a doctor would be…not impossible, but close. So I had to get creative.

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