Chicago Healing Center is a group of professional, independent healthcare and allied health practitioners who know and trust each other. Each of us has a unique story and scope of practice. We share the core value of a profound desire to support and nourish others as we endeavor to improve the plight of humanity with our kindness, skills, understanding, knowledge, and compassion.

We offer acupuncture, massage, counseling, energy healing, medicinal herbs, laser therapy, osteopathic manipulation, moxabustion, Ayurvedic assessment and advice, cupping, gua sha, nutritional counseling, food sensitivity testing and candida testing, active trigger point therapy, and meditation coaching. We also offer integrative medicine as an adjunct to, rather than a replacement for, your primary care provider. As you see to the right, we sponsor community education talks and offer classes in yoga and Tai Chi.

We believe that healing truly does begin with being heard, and we welcome you to our harbor of convalescence, recovery, and rejuvenation. Thanks for visiting and hope to meet you in person soon!

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