Shweta Shyamani, CLP, EEMCP, MBA

Shweta Shyamani

Shweta Shyamani is a mindset life mastery coach and energy medicine practitioner who helps high achievers to break free from their stress, emotional or physical pain so they can make the huge impact they desire. She knows these folks well, because in her corporate life, she used to be one of them.

Swiftly on her way up the corporate ladder of a Fortune 500 company, Shweta took a leap of faith to carve her own path as an entrepreneur. The most recent, exciting and fulfilling part of her journey is the field of mindset coaching and energy work. Shweta blends her formal business training and Kellogg MBA with a master’s degree equivalent education in subtle energy techniques and the latest understandings in quantum physics and neuroscience to help her clients achieve the fulfilled, rich and robust lives that they deeply desire.

Everything is energy; a Universal and (scientific) truth that is largely disregarded by Western medicine. A solid understanding and practical application of this principle gives Shweta’s clients deeper, more robust and lasting results than traditional success coaching or wellness techniques alone.

Shweta offers private sessions at CHC, remote energy and coaching work, along with customized on-site Corporate Well-being programs.

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