Sarah Bartle, LAc

Sarah Bartle

Sarah holds a Masters of Science from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine which is one of the first established schools of Oriental Medicine in the United States. She is licensed by the state of Illinois and is nationally certified by the National Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Sarah’s interest in Chinese Medicine began while she was working in a fast-paced, high- stress corporate job. Conventional medicine did not help manage her stress and the aches and pains of working long hours at a computer. She decided to try acupuncture and herbs and was astonished by the immediate and lasting effects. Unsatisfied with the corporate world she made the decision to study Chinese Medicine so she could spread the powerful healing affects to others.

In addition to Sarah’s rigorous schooling she has been under the tutelage of Dr. Leslie Smith and Maria Mulcahy LAc. where she has learned advanced clinical techniques. Her treatment strategy is both individualized and holistic. Sarah’s easy to talk to demeanor establishes a safe place to be open and comfortable.

Sarah is extremely excited to join the team at Chicago Healing Center.