Erika Ewer, LAc

Erika Ewer

Erika Ewer is a nationally and state licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She began her journey as a patient while living in Los Angeles working for a major label in the music industry. On the referral of a colleague, she entered her first treatment a skeptic and left (unknowingly) on a different path in life.  Returning home to Chicago, she completed Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s rigorous 4 years Master’s program, graduating in 2009.

Erika has worked as a private practitioner, in several non-for-profit women’s health clinics, and most recently within the community acupuncture movement in Uptown. She has extensive experience treating both women & men’s health, structural and soft tissue pain/trauma, depression, anxiety, digestive disease/disorder, autoimmune disease, adjunctive cancer therapy/chemotherapy support, pediatric wellness and geriatric mental health.

Additionally, Erika is still active in the academic community, teaching the Intro to Herbology course at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

In practice, she integrates the theories of TCM with her patients, encouraging self-empowerment via health.  In a life filled with happy accidents, well-earned rewards and the occasional turbulence, she lives and tries to give the knowledge that wellness is not only necessary, but something to be nurtured and revered.