The Benefits of Community Acupuncture


Hillary E Catrow L.Ac

By Hillary E. Catrow, MSOM, L.Ac.

At Chicago Healing Center, we offer community acupuncture. Which means that anyone can come into
the clinic and be treated in a group format. Each person is at various stages of their healing process and
are treated individually based on their specific health concerns. We love this model of treatment because
it allows us to see more patients at a time, keep prices lower without sacrificing the treatment quality and
offer a more convenient appointment schedule, plus leave availability for walk-in treatments.

But by far, the biggest benefit of the community acupuncture model is precisely that treatments are done
as a group.Humans are social animals. We evolved over thousands of years among large family groups and
cultural tribes. We learned to communicate and develop techniques to protect the group from the natural
elements and competing predators. Together we gathered and prepared food, took care of our young and
elderly. It is because of our group mentality that we survived and thrived.

Our vision is that people will come together to heal through acupuncture. To gather their friends, families
and community groups and visit the clinic together. Coming together in this way to heal our bodies gives
all of us the rare opportunity to repair that natural human connection, without having to talk or share more
than just proximity. In a group acupuncture treatment we have the chance to notice what it feels like when
another person’s heart rate slows down and their breath becomes more even. This collective
environment creates a barometer that can help us become more in tune with how our own bodies feel
which is turn allows us to recover and heal faster.

I’m curious. Have you noticed group resonance in your last acupuncture treatment? How about at another
time in your life? Afterwards, what did you notice about your body? Your mind? How did that experience
change your relationship or connection to the people around you?


Published on July 6th, 2018

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