Awesome Apps to Keep Your Health on Track

Hillary Catrow LAc

Awesome Apps to Keep Your Health on Track
By Hillary E. Catrow, MSOM, L.Ac.

Technology and our constant access to it can get a bad rap. But there are many benefits too. Especially
when our little cell phone companion can give us insights into ourselves, our bodies and help us set good
intentions for our health.
Below are a few of my favorite apps and why I love them. And yes, they are all free.

1) Oak – This is a great meditation app, similar to Calm and Mindspace, but I love this one because
of it’s simplicity, great design and doesn’t require a subscription to access the features. You can
choose the classic mindful meditation options, but my favorite are the breathing exercises which
are visual, rhythmic and deliciously relaxing. There is also a soothing sleep sounds option to help
you wind down at night if you are into that sort of thing. You can set a daily reminder and the app
keeps track of how much time you spend meditating and breathing which is fun for those
competitive types.

2) Clue – Hands down, the most perfect period tracker. I like it because its not covered in butterflies,
sparkles, flowers and other pink girly nonsense, which makes it gender neutral and for all people
who menstruate. This app focuses on menstruation health, not getting pregnant, which makes it
ideal for documenting symptoms like bloating, acne, mood swings, breast tenderness, intercourse
and all the other wonderful and not so wonderful things that go along with sexual health. The app
is matter of fact, easy to use, has a sense of humor and provides lots of little health insights that
can help normalize the experience for any age. #noperiodshame

3) Moodpath – This app was designed for people dealing with depression. But I love this it because
it’s an awesome way to keep a log of how you are actually doing and experiencing your daily
activities. The process is automated so it makes it great to use when your life is busy. After 14
days you get a nice little assessment and a few exercises that can help you address what comes
up. This app is perfect for anyone who might want to learn more about how their feelings impact
their body and life on the day to day. Besides it’s not very often, unfortunately, that we get asked
to check-in with our feelings and they asker actually stick around to hear the answer.

4) Youper – This app is part journal, part emotional health personal assistant. This guy checks in
with you daily and guides your through an emotional check up via an informal and conversational
format. Based on how you are feeling, the assistant might suggest an exercise to help support
you, like mindfulness, creating intentions, or listing gratitudes. The prompts are not overly
involved, which makes it super easy to keep up with. What I love the most is that after a few days
of use you get insights into how your feelings match up with the actual influences in your life, like
work, home, exercise, social media. Helping you gain perspective on what in your life might be
worth exploring further, taking a break from, changing all together or just giving you a chance to
be grateful.

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